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Get a light tan or go dark. For a top-quality tanning treatment in Millharbour, Tower Hamlets, get in touch with Aje Beauty.
Spray tanning

Tanning - St. Tropez

We provide the perfect products for every skin tone, from a light sun-kissed glow to our deepest, darkest bronze. We offer a quick, flawless spray tan in a controlled, safe and comfortable environment. Step in, get sprayed and step out, with no towelling or rubbing required, being dried and dressed in a few minutes.
  • Express mist 1-2-3 - light-medium-dark
  •  Classic mist- natural look
  •  Dark mist – holiday / occasion
  •  Luxe oil mist - mature / winter skin
  • Full body - £20
  • Half body (upper) - £15
  • Legs only - £14
  • Face - £8
*Preparation for spray tan - day before hair reduction, exfoliate and moisturise a day before, on day of spray tan, no make-up, no deodorant, no moisturiser, no perfume, wear dark loose clothing, nothing tight or restricting and loose fitted footwear.
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For professional beauty treatments, book an appointment at Aje Beauty. We offer a range of treatments that include waxing, massage, body wraps and facials. For offers and packages, get in touch with us today!
We offer a wide range of body tanning treatments in Millharbour, Tower Hamlets. To book an appointment, call Aje Beauty on
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